Frigiliana Holiday Rental

The Residence

(La Residencia)

Dear Guests,

Welcome in The Residence

I am Cornelis Meijer, your host, a Dutch national, but I reside in Spain since January 2016.

My new venture is to accommodate tourists in an apartment which was bought in Frigiliana. I will not describe the fact, in different words, that Frigiliana is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain as you can find it anywhere on the web. I just like to refer you to Absolute Axarquia on the web, where you can also find Frigiliana and a lot of detailed information about the beautiful Axarquia region here:

Before Spain I lived in Zimbabwe (Southern Africa). My work was in development cooperation for 3 years in Suriname (South America), 3 years Zambia and following 23 years in Zimbabwe.  Living in these countries, and specifically Zimbabwe, has taught me that being open minded, appreciating and respecting cultural differences, is essential for good living and work relationships in any country.

In Africa greeting and introducing consist traditionally of an important ritual to create more trust and understanding. People at community level are commonly very welcoming and generous.  When strangers visit a village they will be greeted as honored guests and will be invited to join the meal. It is unfortunate that democracy is harder to achieve when the economics are bad, whilst most people are poor and powerless.  In such uneven environment politicians become more often power hungry and corrupt, which can be anywhere in the world.  

Travelling is my hobby and thanks to hosts in countries like Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil, Indonesia and Malawi I can even more appreciate similarities in open minded friendly people, as well that cultural and environmental differences can give more flavour to life. Fine food in variety can be irresistible, fantastic music can touch your soul, while the dance may catch you entirely.

I  love Spain for it's people, the beautiful diversity of the country and its culture. I hope to stay here for as long as I can walk where my heart is.

To my guest I may say:

 - A donde el corazon se inclina, el pie camina -

             - Home is, where the heart is -  

Friendly greetings

Cees Meijer